Independent Person £58.00 per hour Hackney Council ,London

Local authorities must involve an Independent Person (IP) in the investigation of complaints at Stage 2. The person appointed should be neither an Elected Member nor an employee of the local authority, nor a spouse of an employee or member of the authority. Former local authority staff are eligible, but good practice would suggest at least three years have elapsed since they were employed by the local authority.
The Independent Person may not undertake any other roles in the consideration of the same complaint (such as advocate, or Review Panellist).
The Independent Person should:
-ensure that the process of investigation is open, transparent and fair;
-work alongside the Investigating Officer to provide an independent and objective view to the investigation of complaints;
-see the same relevant files and documents as the Investigating Officer;
-participate in all interviews and discussions relevant to the investigation;
-read the Investigating Officer’s report and produce his own report on the
-comment on each of the complaints and state whether he agrees with the Investigating Officer’s findings on them; and explain, where necessary, his reasons for considering an investigation to be unfair or incomplete and to advise the complainant of these in his report.


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